Medical Assistant Aesthetician Associate Degree Program

Medical Assistant Aesthetician

Those medical assistants who are interested in obtaining a Medical Assistant Dermatology National Certification can take advantage of a specialized certification program that is offered by Florida Medical & Aesthetic International School. named Medical Assistant Aesthetician program.

A health professional who possesses various talents and specializes in operations that are often carried out in the context of outpatient medical care but are tied to a particular specialty is referred to as a specialized medical assistant. Participants will be prepared to work in a dermatology clinic or any other dermatology service provider after completing this course.

The new name of Florida Medical College is Florida Medical & Aesthetic International School (FMAIS), and it is offering a Medical Assistant Associate Degree Program that has been approved by the Commission for Independent Education in Florida. This program is designed for individuals who are interested in becoming medical assistant dermatologists but do not yet possess an associate degree in medical assistant.

The Specialty:

An esthetician is a type of medical assistant who specializes in the treatment of skin care issues and can perform a wide range of treatments and procedures.
Aestheticians are professionals who operate in the field of rehabilitation, assisting patients who have skin that has been injured or who have specific skin illnesses that have an impact on their look.

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The training course will prepare and educate students on everyday situations as well as


introduce them to all the new developing technologies in dermatology clinics.

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Credits are accepted from other schools with prior evaluation.


Our Associate Degree program requires 91 credit hours.

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Terminology and Morphology of Skin
Histology and physiology of the skin.
Diseases of the skin.
Diagnostic test for skin disorders.


Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Coding. 10
Aesthetic Dermatology.

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Medical Assistant

A Medical Assistant Aesthetician is a Medical Assistant who specializes in skin care treatment and can provide a variety of services and procedures, to help clients improve their appearance and take care of their skin. A Medical Assistant Aesthetician works in the rehabilitation process of patients with damaged and specific skin disorders that are affecting the appearance of the client.

In this program, the educational requirements have been considered to obtain knowledge and skills to help Aesthetic Physicians, Surgeons, and Nurse Practitioners to obtain a Medical Assistant Aesthetic practice. Graduate as a Medical Assistant AS with an active license as a Facial Specialist will receive advanced skin care training that includes the latest technology and knowledge of facial treatments with the latest treatment protocols. If you want to become a specialized Medical Assistant in the Aesthetic field and you need to obtain any of the licenses needed by Florida Law to work in the Aesthetic practice, you can apply for any of the courses Medical Assistant or Skin Care Specialist offers in this school.

This certification course is an examination preparation course to prepare participants to apply for national certification and includes an advanced intensive skin care course offering 90 hours with lectures and practice activities labs. Lectures include a concentrated knowledge about the Skin, the aging process, the therapeutic advances in skin care treatment, and the use of appropriate devices and others

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