Medical Assistant Certified Laser Professional

Medical Assistant Certified Laser Professional

A Certified Medical Assistant Laser Professional is a Medical Assistant Specialized who possesses an active electrolysis license and has been educated to provide non-ablative laser treatments under the supervision of a physician. This individual would be considered a Certified Medical Assistant Laser Professional.

A health professional who possesses various talents and specializes in operations that are often carried out in the context of outpatient medical care but are tied to a particular specialty is referred to as a specialized medical assistant.

A Medical Assistant Associate Degree Program is available at Florida Medical College, which has been rebranded as Florida Medical & Aesthetic International School (FMAIS). This program has been granted approval by the Commission for Independent Education in the state of Florida.

Who is it for?

The course is aimed at anyone who wants to work in Dermatology practices.

Who Is For?

Medical Spa or any medical practice that offers dermatology or cosmetic dermatology services.

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Laser Training

30 clock hours of training


You will be performing laser hair removal on a real person at a Medical Spa Facility

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Credits are accepted from other schools with prior evaluation.


Our Associate Degree program requires 91 credit hours.

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Medical Assistant: Laser hair removal

Who is it for? The course is aimed at Medical Assistant AS, who wants to work in the medical and aesthetic fields and possibly work in Dermatology practices, Medical Spas, or in any medical practices that offer aesthetic services such as laser hair removal, laser skin rejuvenation, or other laser procedures. Who is it for? In Florida, it is required to have a license to practice laser hair removal. Our school is offering both programs in Electrology (Electrolysis and Laser) and Medical Assistant Associate, in science.

Exam Preparation:

This course requires exam preparation for those Medical Assistant with Electrolysis license who desire to apply for national certification and become Certified Medical Assistant Laser Professionals. Applicants who require one of these programs may apply for them in our schools. Requirements

Young beautician performing laser hair removal procedure on a client
Spa, people and cosmetology concept - Woman having underarm laser hair removal epilation
The doctor in pink gloves carries out a procedure of laser hair removal of the neck of a young man

Laser Hair Removal Training 

This is a 30-hour training for those who wish to perform laser hair removal and receive training to obtain a professional laser certification. Participants from other countries or states should review the rules of their respective areas.

Practice makes perfect

We know that the only way to understand a subject is to practice it in a real environment. That is why we have established laser practices in a medical spa and those who are studying the medical assistance program will do their practice in a dermatology clinic or aesthetic medical clinic.

Student at university

Course Requirements

Laser hair removal

Medical Assistant Associate Degree

Credits are accepted from other schools with prior evaluation. Our Associate Degree program requires 91 credit hours. Applicants at any international school must submit translated and certified documents at a recognized institution. International medical graduates (IMG) are accepted to participate in the Certification Program.

Electrolysis and Laser

Applicants from the State of Florida with an active electrolysis license can apply for this certification. Electrologist from other states is accepted. Students who are pursuing an Electrology Program at another school may participate but must present a Diploma of graduation to obtain the Certification as a Medical Assistant Laser Professional

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