Aesthetic Courses

The Art and Science of Aesthetic Medical Treatment

Welcome to The Aesthetic Training Center of Miami. We offer training certification, certificate courses, seminars, and workshops. On this page, you can select any of our available aesthetic medical courses.

Applicants from the state of Florida must have an active license, such as an MD, DO, APRN, or PA. Applicants from any other state or country should be aware of the regulations in their area for performing any of the aesthetic medical procedures, including laser treatment.

Aesthetic courses provide comprehensive training to medical professionals, enabling them to incorporate aesthetic procedures into their practice safely and effectively. Our educational programs and training are designed to teach medical professionals the principles, techniques, and procedures involved in aesthetic medicine and cosmetic treatments. These courses cover theoretical knowledge and practical hands-on training in various aesthetic procedures to enhance physical appearance.

Theory can be taken virtually or in Person at the Aesthetic Training Center in Miami. Hands-on experience must be present at Universal Laser Center, a MedSpa in the same building where classes are taught. Participants can access an educational platform to review articles, take quizzes, and the final exam. The certificate is delivered upon the participant reaching a satisfactory result in the final evaluation.

Types of Aesthetic Courses

In-Person Training: Hands-on workshops and certification programs are conducted in our aesthetic training centers in conjunction with Universal Laser Center MedSpa. These allow practitioners to gain practical experience in procedures like Botox, dermal fillers, laser treatments, under expert guidance and supervision on live models and mannequins.

Hybrid Courses: Combine online lectures with in-person practical training sessions. Theoretical classes are virtual classes where participants must be present, while practice classes are in-person at MedSpa. Participants should have the device and connection required to participate in the session classes. Classes are offered in the morning or evening session.

In hybrid and in-person courses, participants can access the educational platform, which includes articles, PowerPoint presentations, quizzes, and the final exam, and receive the certificate of completion after each chapter. Credentials to access the educational platform will be submitted after enrollment.

Aesthetic Training Center in Miami

The Aesthetic Training Center of Miami focuses on aesthetic medical procedures to reduce aging signs and those that contribute to healing and restoring as a skin rehabilitation mode. On the following, you can select the course you prefer:

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