Enrollment Form

Before making your payment, please complete the enrollment form below. We kindly ask that you carefully review our cancellation policy and note that certain items are non-refundable. After your payment is processed, you will gain access to a wealth of educational resources to support your learning. If you encounter any issues with the enrollment form or payment process, please don’t hesitate to contact us during our working hours at 786-953-4454 or send us an email at theaestheticcollege@gmail.com. Our team is here to assist you every step of the way.

Note: Some buttons have been translated into Spanish for the benefit of Spanish speakers to understand better.

Check before making a Payment for the Non-Refundable items:

  1. Registration Fee.- $100.00
  2. Educational Resource and Supplies.- $250.00

 If you want to use Zelle, You need to add to Zelle contact FMAIS and use only this email address:  accounting@fmedcollege.com. 

For any other payment method, please call us: at 305-897-1100 

Cancellation Policy

Should a student’s enrollment be terminated or canceled for any reason, all refunds will be made according to the following refund schedule:

  • Cancellation can be made in person, through electronic Mail, Certified Mail, or by termination.
  • All monies will be refunded if the School does not accept the applicant or if the student cancels within three (3) business days after signing the enrollment agreement and making the initial payment.
  • Cancellation before the first class will result in a refund of all monies paid, except the registration fee (not to exceed $150.00).
  • Cancellation after attendance has begun, through 40% program completion, will result in a Pro Rata refund computed on the number of hours completed to the total program hours.
  • Cancellation after completing more than 40% of the program will result in no refund.
  • Termination Date: When calculating the refund due to a student, the last date of actual attendance by the student is used unless an earlier written notice was received.
  • Refunds will be made within 30 days of termination of the student’s enrollment or receipt of a Cancellation Notice from the student.

I agree to comply with the rules and policies stated in the School catalog and understand that the School shall have the right to terminate this contract and my enrollment at any time for violating the rules and policies. I know the School reserves the right to amend the laws and regulations, and I will be notified of such changes.

Certificate of Completion Requirements:

Participants must complete all hours required for each course. A passing grade of at least 70% must be met in all the necessary subjects. Students meeting the above requirements will be awarded a certificate of completion as proof that the participants have been adequately trained in the laser course they are enrolled in. No diplomas or transcripts will be released to students owing a financial obligation to the School.


The Aesthetic Center of Miami cannot guarantee employment for its graduates. However, the School’s curriculum has been developed to produce well-qualified graduates. The Placement Office will assist participants in finding available positions connecting students with a local employer, and preparing them for a job interview. The office will help students how to write their resumes and cover letters.

No person shall be excluded from participation in the courses offered by The Aesthetic Center of Miami or be subject to any form of discrimination because of race, color, sex, national origin, religion, age, or disability.

The Florida Medical & Aesthetic International School is licensed by the Commission for Independent Education of Florida—license # 3765.