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Welcome to our Aesthetic Training Center where you can find some aesthetic courses that will grow your practice with your new talent applying dermal fillers to improve your clients’ appearance.

Dermal fillers are one of the aesthetic procedures sought by many clients. Receiving training to apply the correct protocol with practice and knowledge based on medical reviews and practice sessions will allow you to gain experience in the application of this cosmetic product, benefiting both your clients and your practice.

Dermal fillers training Course in Miami is an educational course designed to teach healthcare professionals how to safely and effectively administer dermal filler injections. This course includes both theoretical knowledge and practical hands-on experience. Theory can take In-person or in virtual class and hands-on is presenting at Universal Laser Center a MedSpa that is located in Miami, Florida.

The Dermal Filler training course has been designed for licensed healthcare professionals such as physicians, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, physician assistants, and dentists. This course aim to provide comprehensive training in both the theoretical aspects and practical skills needed to perform dermal filler treatments safely and effectively in a clinical setting.

Dermal filler
into the forehead

Dermal Filler
Jawline Injection

Dermal Filler
Injection for Cheeks

Dermal Fillers Training Course in Miami

Medical Professionals

For Florida Practitioners MD/DO/NP/PA/DDS

Course Outline

Consultation and evaluation of client, mechanism of action, injection techniques, hands-on


Know the different types of filler, the mechanism of wrinkles formation, and apply the correct techniques and filler

Aesthetic Course

Dermal Fillers Training course in Miami

The use of dermal fillers is in great demand in the aesthetic practices, medical spas, clinics and dermatology offices. Dermal fillers help to reduce facial lines and volume and fullness in the face by applying injectables, that use soft materials composed primarily of natural hyaluronic acid. This injectables fill the lips and restore a more youthful appearance on the face. they have reduced side effects and their correct administration minimizes the possible complications.

There are several products on the market that are used in dermal fillers, but the appropriate selection of the product to be used requires knowledge of its composition and properties, as well as the management of the facial anatomy, the signs of aging and the reaction corresponding to each age group.

In the state of Florida, only physicians with an active license (MD, DO or DDS), nurse practitioners (NP) and physician assistants (PA) can perform these procedures, and regulations require that the professional be properly trained in the management and application of these techniques.

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Derma fillers training in Miami, aesthetic medical educators training

Dermal fillers help to reduce facial lines and volume and fullness in the face by applying injectables

The application of treatment with dermal fillers is a medical procedure that requires training, knowledge and specific skills to ensure safe treatment and results of natural appearance. Injectable aesthetic treatments, including dermal fillers, are classified as a medical procedure, and the regulations and laws in Florida establish that the professional must have an active license holder that allows the application of these techniques.

The course we offer takes these regulations into account and applicants must present their credentials and active licenses to participate in it. The course includes lectures and hands-on learning with real clients, and, at the end of the course, a Certificate of completion will be delivered as proof of your participation in this training.


Dermal Fillers training course in Miami

Course Objective

  • Know the different types of fillers.
  • Understand the anatomy, the mechanism of formation of wrinkles and the therapeutic approach of them.
  • Learn to differentiate static, dynamic wrinkles and correct patient selection.
  • Manage and solve the most common complications associated with this type of procedure.
  • Promote excellence and good practice in the field of Aesthetic Medicine, to practice professionally with scientific rigor, quality and effectiveness.

Course Outline.

  • Anatomy of the face (muscle, circulatory, nervous, skin); signs of aging of the skin; areas of risk to be treated.
  • Consultation and evaluation of the patient.
  • Informed Consent.
  • Evaluation and choice of the patient. Get the best aesthetic and therapeutic facial results.
  • Specific injection techniques are used to correct indications of the face. Indications and contraindications.
  • Mechanism of action, biodegradable form for diverse anatomical areas for injection, and semipermanent and permanent dermal fillers approved by the FDA are available.
  • Volume enhancement of the cheeks, face, and lips, including Cupid’s bow enhancement, lip plumping, cheek augmentation, and correction of Naso Labial Folds and Marionette lines, is also available for patients.
  • Adverse events such as avoiding them and responses and treatment guidelines.
  • Management of complications.
  • Hands-on